Join the US Space Agency NASA in sending
the Beatles music literally Across The Universe!

The enduring impact of the Beatles on popular culture is not in doubt. The music created by the four lads from Liverpool in the 1960s has proved to be timeless. It has transcended all boundaries of age, race, nationality. It has even been beamed to astronauts aboard the International Space Station!

But until now there has not been a dedicated day of the year on which Beatles fans worldwide could unite to express their love for the Fab Four.

That all changes on Monday, February 4th 2008 with the first-ever international day dedicated to celebrating the Beatles.

Reflecting the breadth of the Beatles' appeal and impact - and their message of universal love and peace - the celebration is named

Across The Universe Day!

Monday, February 4th 2008 is the exact 40th anniversary of the Beatles recording their anthem of universal peace - "Across The Universe" - in 1968.

To mark the occasion, Beatles fans worldwide are invited to play that Beatles song at the same time of day - creating a harmonic convergence around the globe.

And the Beatles' universal message will NOT be restricted to Planet Earth!

The US Space Agency NASA will play a major part in the celebrations by beaming the song "Across The Universe" literally Across The Universe!

NASA is going to transmit the Beatles tune from a satellite antenna directly into outer space! And it will do this at the exact same time as fans Across The World are playing "Across The Universe"!


And here are some other ways in which you can celebrate
Across The Universe Day:

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