Across The Universe Day

Join The US Space Agency NASA - And Millions Of Fans
In The Worldwide Simultaneous Playing Of The Beatles Song
"Across The Universe"!

The Beatles first recorded the song "Across The Universe" on February 4th 1968 at the EMI Studios, Abbey Road in London.

To celebrate the first-ever "Across The Universe Day" there will be a worldwide "Simul-Play" - a simultaneous playing of the song - on its 40th anniversary.

People and radio stations all over the world are encouraged to play the song at the same time.

And at the exact same time - the US Space Agency NASA will be beaming the song into outer space - so that the song really does go Across The Universe!

To join in - all you have to do is play a recording of The Beatles performing the song "Across The Universe" on whatever device you prefer. iPod, MP3 player, computer, CD player, cassette deck, vinyl turntable, 8-track deck, wax cylinder! The choice is yours! Play the song just for yourself - or play it for everyone within earshot!

People all over the world will be playing the song at the exact same time. And radio stations worldwide are also invited to join in.

It's a fabulous way to send a positive vibration Across The Universe!

The "Simul-Play" will start at Midnight UK time at the end of Monday February 4th - based on the time zone in the universe that the Beatles were in when they first recorded the song on February 4th 1968.

Find out what time to join the "Simul-Play" where YOU are from the list below

Click here to see when the "Simul-Play" is happening where you are...

Four different Beatles versions of the song are available!

Original 1968 version
on "Past Masters
Volume 2"
   Remixed 1970 version
on "Let It Be"
Alternate 1968 version
on "The Beatles Anthology
Volume 2"
Remixed 2003 version
on "Let It Be... Naked"

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